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Engineering Rapid Tools

Make your structural calculations online, analyze retaining walls, analyze roof truss, check reinforced concrete elements, steel and wood. The Online Calculation Tools are FREE to use: do the analysis and download the report and drawings.

No software need to be installed in your device, just access to internet and use it.

The development of this cloud computing service began in 2012 by a team of Italian engineers who use it in their daily work.

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online structural calculation and drawings of reinforced concrete beam, Eurocode 2, ACI, AASHTO
calculation of prestressed concrete section under flexural shear and torsion forces, Eurocode 2, ACI, AASHTO
spreadsheet for online cantilever retaining wall calculation, Eurocode 2, Eurocode 7, Eurocode 8, ACI, AASHTO
online structural calculation of wooden truss, Eurocode 5, NDS
online spreadsheet-like tool for lintel structural calculation, Eurocode, ACI, AASHTO, NDS, AISC
online spreadsheet for Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Vesic, Hansen bearing capacity calculation

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